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Hey you! Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my chaos.  I’m just a mom trying to juggle a hubby, 3 kids, 4 dogs, a full-time job, friends, and more… all in 24 hours a day.  With ADD. Some yelling. A few naps. And a good dose of humor.

Make sure to follow me (the button is at the right or signup at the bottom – couldn’t make it any easier than that) because you NEVER know where my scattered brain is going to land at any given moment.  Mi vida loca es tu vida loca.

I hope I make you LITERALLY LOL.  If not, keep it to yourself.  I’m not really interested in other people’s opinions of me, anyway.  I do this for ME and my sanity.

Now, go out and be a good human and pay the joy forward. Go. Now!

Sometimes you’re a unicorn and sometimes you’re a narwhal – It’s all about BALANCE

My life is not always rainbows and cupcakes – sometimes it’s a shitstorm and all you can do is roll your eyes, throw your face in your palm, and sigh (LOUDLY).  Then you laugh and remember the wisdom of the llama.

me and llama
Channel your inner llama… Sometimes, “Spit Happens”

Sheri. Sheryl. Sher Bear. Mom. Mama. SHERYL RENEE!

I’m a mom, and a wife, and a chronicler of memories, and a sister, and a friend, a voracious reader, and sometimes (I’ve been told) I’m kind of funny.  My life is filled with chaos and noise but I try to find the humor in it all.  Some days I’m more successful than others.  Some days you just have to say screw it all and eat a donut (or 12).

Remember – Life’s too short to eat gross food!
This is my family: They’re crazy and unpredictable, but I love them all the same.  They may also be the reason there are Costco-sized bottles of Advil within arm’s reach at all times.  Probably not maybe.